Welcome to First Baptist Church of Waterford (FBCW)!

Our church is open for in-person worship services Sundays at 10 am. The health and safety of our congregation are of our utmost importance. We can assure you that social distancing and health protocols will be in place and strictly adhered to.  If you, at this time, are uncomfortable with in-person worship, we completely understand. Our online video and audio sermons will continue to be available on our website.

In fellowship and mutual purpose, the people of FBCW share life together under the umbrella of a common code and Christian ethic.  Our mission is to become and make disciples who love and serve Jesus Christ.  The church is not simply about a building or what we do in the building. The church is about people and what we are becoming in Christ.  We strive to bring Christ’s message of hope to all we encounter.  Our purpose is that FBCW will be a place where people can be trained, mentored, and equipped for the work of ministry and the building up of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-12).

The FBCW leadership fully supports the freedom to worship.  We want to provide a safe environment for those who desire to join us in the corporate worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  For your safety and the safety of others, we expect everyone to follow the Federal and Connecticut guidelines ( https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus) for going into public buildings.  Before entering, everyone is expected to follow posted procedures (keeping 6 feet apart/social distancing) and wear the specified personal protective equipment (wear a mask covering one’s nose and mouth) before entering an FBCW building.  There will be no exceptions to the mask requirement. These procedures and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are about reducing the spread of contagious diseases and being considerate of other people’s safety.

Blessings to you!       

Pastor Michael